The adoption process

China Adoption Referral Stats - statistics on average wait from DTC date to referral, age of child at referral. Updated weekly.
CCAA/Matching Room pictures - why does it take so long from the time dossiers are sent to China for referrals to come in? Pictures from the infamous "matching room"
China Centre of Adoption Affairs - a description of the organzition of CCAA, with some additional matching room pictures.
Jan/Feb '04 DTC families - web site for families whose dossiers were sent to China in January and February 2004.
Adoptions From The Heart - our agency
Referral call questions - We don't expect to be thinking too clearly when the referral call comes in. We'll be using this checklist to make sure we ask all the important questions.
Post referral, pre travel checklist - things to do
Pediatrician questions - we asked pediatricians a couple of the questions on this list. A lot of them would have irrelevant, and some would have been downright rude. Interesting to see what other adoptive parents are thinking.
Research-China - provides finding ads, info pertaining to specific abandoned children
Growth charts for Chinese children

Travel and packing

Map of China with provinces
Shamian Island interactive map - Shamian Island in Guangzhou is home to the US Consulate. Ultimately, all US families adopting from China must pass through here. The famous White Swan Hotel is on Shamian Island also. Another map is here.
About Guangzhou - "Danny's Bagel and Pizza," located on Shamian island, is the place to get American comfort foods. In this article, Danny himself gives tips for navigating Guangzhou.
Mei-D-Bugs Packing Lists & Tips - packing list prepared by someone who made the adoption trip with carry-on luggage only.
Help for World Travelers (phone/electric) - explanation of converters and adapters required to make US electronics compatible with electric and phone systems worldwide. Includes pictures of electric outlets from all countries.
International airline carry-on luggage policies
My Travel Wallet - Order foreign currency online. Should be useful for conversion purposes as well.
Projected flight path Newark to Hong Kong
Airline flight information - real-time departure, position, and arrival information, with a map

Chinese language

Learn Chinese Characters - extensive dictionary, includes pronunciation.
Mandarin phrases for baby - includes audio.
Surival Chinese w/Audio
Chinese family relationship titles - if the "formal" characters don't display in your browser, click "view" on the menu bar, and under "Encoding" or "Character encoding" select one of the Chinese character sets (either traditional or simplified)
Links to many resources for learning Chinese
Practice Chinese - introduction to pinyin, includes audio


Sherry's Place
Fat Ming Co. - Chinese greeting cards and red "lucky money" envelopes
Three Friends Greeting Cards - Asian-inspired adoption announcements from our friend and fellow AFTHer


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The adoption process
Travel and packing
Chinese language